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  • Alina vle tankou Manman (Big Book)
Alina vle tankou Manman (Big Book)

Alina vle tankou Manman (Big Book)

  • Author : Heurtelou Maude
  • ISBN : 9781626326712
  • Cat. Number : BB1333K
  • Price : $19.50
  • Collection : Koleksyon Sa k Pase?
  • Quantity :


Cat. #: BB1333K  

Liv sa a, Alina vle tankou manman, nan Koleksyon Sa k Pase?. Se istwa Alina ki idantifye tèt li tankou yon fi, menm jan ak manman l. Eske sa vle di li pa sanble ak papa l ? Ki sa papa l ka di nan sa ? Ki jan Leyon, frè li a, ap pran sa ? Nan fanmi, toujou gen takinri. An nou li ki jan istwa sa a pral dewoule. Liv sa a egziste an ti fòma pou timoun. 

This book, Anita wants to be like her Mom is in the What’s Up? Collection. It is the story of Alina who identifies herself as a girl and wants to be like her Mom. Does that mean she doesn’t look like her Dad? What does her Dad think about that? What does Leon, the brother, think about that? In a family, often, one teases another. Let’ see how this story will unfold.

ISBN #: 9781626326712