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Florida Phrasebook

Florida Phrasebook

  • Author : Educa Vision Inc.
  • ISBN : 9781584322382
  • Cat. Number : B497
  • Price : $27.50
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Language : ENGLISH

The Florida Phrasebook is thematically structured into 20 chapters and six sections. Sample chapters include communication, etiquette, interpersonal relationships, food, health, shopping, time, money, etc. Furthermore, it contains elements of culture, customs and conventions. The Florida Phrasebook provides a useful word list with a 5,000word vocabulary, intended for quickly finding a particular word and its translation. The Phrasebook is clear, quick, easy and basic. It also provides several possible answers for a given question, enabling a respondent to reply to some degree by simply pointing a finger (if need be) at one of the answers. The Florida Phrasebook is a little marvel of pragmatic compression in four languages, offering the seductive experience of communicating in a foreign language at little cost. By turning the pages the user will find resources to handle various situations, such as booking a hotel room, going on a date, helping a new student and her parent, visiting a patient in a clinical setting, and more.