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Fundamentals Of Haitian Vodou (DVD)

Fundamentals Of Haitian Vodou (DVD)

  • Author : Marie Jose Alcide SaintLot
  • Cat. Number : DVD064
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Language : ENGLISH

        Our goal in this course is to debunk the misrepresentation of Vodou and shed light on its true essence and its place in Haitian life. Through lectures, readings, research, multimedia resources, field trips, the course will explore Vodou’s foundational characteristics and thus offer the students the opportunity to acquire a better understanding of the subject and form a more informed point of view about it.

     This course will develop eight topics to be covered in eight seminars of four hours each. Sessions will consist of a mixture of lectures, discussions, exams and various class activities.

This course is also available as online course; click here for description.

Cat. #: DVD064 

Key Words: Vodou , Marie Jose Alcide St Lot , Marie Jose Alcide SaintLot