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Green Frog/ Ti Krapo Vèt

Green Frog/ Ti Krapo Vèt

  • Author : J. Robertson/ Haitian Creole translation by Maude Heurtelou
  • ISBN : 9781584326274
  • Cat. Number : B619
  • Price : $6.00
  • Collection : The Board Book Collection of three titles in English and Haitian Creole.
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Green Frog Ti Krapo Vèt, A first step in children's reading and vocabulary development, this bilingual board book is simple and easy to follow. Beautiful photographs are sure to engage the readers. In Haitian Creole and English. This book explores the color green in different items. From those that one can see, taste, and feel.

Other titles from the board book collection: 
Peck, Peck, Peck / Pèk, Pèk, Pèk
Can An Ant Carry Me? / Èske Yon Foumi Kapab Pote M?  

Cat. #: B619
ISBN #: 9781584326274