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Legacy and Contribution to the World

HAITI Legacy and Contribution to the World

  • Author : Maryse R. DENIS
  • ISBN : 9781643825403
  • Cat. Number : B1750
  • Price : $37.50
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Language : ENGLISH

Maryse dreams of living in a socially reformed and prosperous Haiti. She has been recognized as a great humanitarian for her efforts in co-funding several charitable foundations, supporting activities and participating in fundraising events for humanitarian causes in Haiti.


This is a comprehensive tribute to the remarkable achievement of Haitians and their descendents who have left an indelible mark on society.


This book is a testimony of her dedication to let the current and future generations of Haitians discover and be proud of their rich legacy and cultural heritage.


The impact of Haitians on the world has not been told widely. Maryse Denis breaks the silence with an impressive roster of heroes.

JOEL DREYFUSS, journalist, hall of fame.


In publishing “Haiti: Legacy and contribution to the world”, Maryse Denis thought it appropriate to recall without flagrancy that we were in Savannah, the Panama Canal, in the sugar cane fields of the Cuban Oriente, the Dominican East, in the schools of Congo and Quebec, in the hospitals and universities in New York, without forgetting also in San Francisco for the creation of the United Nations. Our courage and ability to wield the sword, bayonet, machete and hoe is well known. Today it is with chalk, square, pen and scalpel that we confirm our presence at the highest levels of the political, scientific, and literary decision-making hierarchies of the World. I therefore warmly recommend reading this “bouquet of gratitude”, and join the author in respectfully saluting the determination, courage and merit of the sons and daughters of Haiti who live abroad. DANIEL SUPPLICE, ethnologist, sociologist, author, diplomat.


This book will document the accomplishments of some high-profile Haitians in the diaspora, contributing to the world with Palmares. Why should we marvel at the brilliant minds of the Haitian Diaspora? We should no longer puzzle for a retort. We need to look no farther than Maryse Denis. A pathfinder in her community, she feels morally committed and invigorated to help change the world’s view of Haiti. Her book: Haiti: Legacy and Contribution to the World is a timely and unique opus with a redemptive vision.