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  • Educa Vision Inc.


  • 9781584325222

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This DVD is part of the “Children DVD Collection” in DVD format that engages, entertains, and educates children from kindergarten to grade three, with the underlying intention that learning is fun for children. This initiative was designed by ESL experts with entertainment producers. Together, they have created a learning aid that effectively teaches while maintaining attention and enthusiasm. This collection contains about 10 to 30 minutes of fun language learning visuals designed to hold the interest of children. They incorporate an educational curriculum that teaches language in a way that children will have fun while learning. They allow the student to see, hear, and read in French or in English, depending on titles. Some have very interesting paintings from Haitian artists to encourage cultural connections. The music is fun, the images are colorful, the animation and visual effects are creative, and the dramatic vignettes are close to reality.