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Koleksyon Liv Lakou Kajou

Koleksyon Liv Lakou Kajou

  • Author : EDUCA VISION
  • ISBN : 9781643821467
  • Cat. Number : SP1467
  • Price : $14.95
  • Collection : Koleksyon Lakou Kajou
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Language : Haitian Creole

LAKOU KAJOU, an educational media program for Haitian children, has collaborated with Haitian writers and illustrators to publish the stories that are featured in their television program. Jou lesiv takes us on a journey to beautiful Haitian landmarks as Samyèl dreams about the places his grandmother explains. Mari ak son lan nwit yo takes us an an adventure into the night forest to speak with the insects and animals and learn how to protect the Haitian trees and forests. Ki kote solèy la kouche follows Pouchon on his journey across Haiti to discover where the sun goes at night. Rich and vibrant illustrations guide these stories and illuminate the beauty of the natural world in Haiti as they follow a child protagonist set out to discover more about his/her homeland.