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  • Olympic Hero: Lennox Kilgour's Story
Olympic Hero: Lennox Kilgour's Story

Olympic Hero: Lennox Kilgour's Story

  • Author : Joanne Kilgour Dowdy
  • ISBN : 9781626321755
  • Cat. Number : CSP1755
  • Price : $17.50
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Language : ENGLISH

This colorfully illustrated book tells the inspiring story of a young weightlifter from Trinidad and Tobago, the first to win an Olympic medal in his division for the twinisland republic. The reader learns about the challenges that Lennox Kilgour overcame with the help of coaches, fellow athletes, and his community, and his own determination to succeed. "This book is a moving story of the athletes who were central to the sport of weightlifting at a time which can be described as the golden age of weightlifting in Trinidad and Tobago. It gives insight to the Olympic pioneering efforts with all its complexities, trials and a simple lyrical style to motivate, inspire and educate....This touching biographical journey...ebbs and flows with a Paperback but stinging sincerity of the qualities and experiences which is quite relevant today." Joan Osborne, Deputy Executive Director, National Library and Information System Authority (NALIS), Trinidad and Tobago Olympics, Selfesteem, ESL, Esol, Sports, Team