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Pèdi nan yon Siklòn

Pèdi nan yon Siklòn

  • Author : Colleen Crum
  • ISBN : 9781626328235
  • Cat. Number : B1422
  • Price : $9.50
  • Collection : CCMS Books for Haitian Children
  • Quantity :

Language : Haitian Creole

Pèdi nan yon Siklòn
Sixth grade level


Author : Colleen Crum

Illustrator : Marie Denise Douyon

Publisher : CCMS Books


This story book is developed for sixth grade level of reading. While grieving the death of their mother and brother, two children discover two birds that are blown from Venezuela to Haiti in a hurricane. At first the children hide the birds, but soon the entire village becomes involved in helping the birds to heal from their injuries. The children learn how helping others also means letting go. They also learn to have faith that their bird friends return safely home.

The book includes reflection questions that encourage critical thinking. A proverb and bible verse help reinforce values of helping each other and having faith in things that cannot be seen.

For use in schools, a teacher’s guide is included.


Keyword: Parish Twinning