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Mwen Konn Fache

Mwen Konn Fache

  • Author : Heurtelou Maude
  • ISBN : 9781626324947
  • Cat. Number : B1184K
  • Price : $6.00
  • Collection : Koleksyon Mwen Konnen
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Cat. Number: B1184K  

In Haitian Creole 

Nan istwa sa a, Mwen Konn Fache, Klodèt ak Remi viv plizyè sitiyasyon kote youn takinen lòt, osinon, yon lòt moun fè yo fache. Konbyen tan fache sa a ap dire? Li ti liv sa a pou ou chèche konnen. Èske ou konn fache, oumenm? Liv sa a disponib tou nan gwo fòma pou lekti an gwoup.

In this story, I Can Be Upset, Claudette and Remy experience situations where one upsets the other, or, someone else causes one of them to be upset. How long they can stay mad at each other? Read this book to inquire. What about you? Do you get upset sometimes? This book is also available in large format for group reading.

ISBN: 9781626324947 

Koleksyon Mwen Konnen / What I Know Collection 

Keywords: fache sitiyasyon takinen be upset situations  mad tease bully