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The Party In The Sky

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The Party In The Sky

The Party In The Sky


  • Rocha Antonio


  • 9781626329973

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Language : ENGLISH

Soft Cover

The Party in the Sky is a wellknown Brazilian folk tale. The author is unknown. It is a variation of the same oldworld motif of how Turtle got its back. The earlier versions feature Turtle sneaking into the guitar and when Turtle falls, its shell breaks as a punishment, as if Turtle did not belong in the Party in the Sky. This message belongs to a world long ago when people from different classes and ethnic backgrounds were not supposed to mix. I have decided to approach the story with a new point of view. My adaptation features Turtle remembering a saying its mother said: "Where there is a will there is a way!" Turtle seeks the help of other animals and with perseverance, kindness, patience and hope, Turtle's dream comes true. 

Dear readers, do not be afraid of dreaming high. May all your dream come true!

Antonio Rocha, born and raised in Brazil, began his career in the performing arts in 1985. In 1988, he received a Partners of the Americas grant to come to the USA to perform and deepen his mime skills with Master Tony Montanaro. Since then, he has earned a Summa Cum Theater BA from the University of Southern Maine and studied with Master Marcel Marceau. 

ISBN Number: 9781626329973
Cat #: EB048