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Yon sipriz pou Tikalèb

Yon sipriz pou Tikalèb

  • Author : Joseph Frantz Antoine
  • ISBN : 9781626328266
  • Cat. Number : B1424
  • Price : $3.75
  • Collection : CCMS Books for Haitian Children
  • Quantity :

Language : Haitian Creole

Yon sipriz pou Tikalèb
Fourth grade level


Author : Joseph Frantz Antoine

Illustrator : Marie Denise Douyon

Publisher : CCMS Books


This story book is developed for fourth grade level of reading. A young Haitian boy struggles to do well in school and make friends. His mother and the school teacher lose patience with him until a neighbor and his only school friend intervene.

The book includes reflection questions that encourage critical thinking. A proverb and bible verse help reinforce values of kindness and encouragement.

For use in schools, a teacher’s guide is included.


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