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Bookshelf for Classroom Library

Bookshelf for Classroom Library

  • Author : Educa Vision Inc.
  • Cat. Number : MANI015
  • Price : $24.50
  • Quantity :

Language : ENGLISH

Convenient tabletop book browser. It can be used to organize books, CD and manipulatives for easy browsing in the classroom. It can be placed as on top of a desk, a table or on a bookshelf in the classroom.

Beautiful finish, humidity proof, termite proof. It can also be painted or decorated to create a mood, a theme or an effect.

Very easy 3 steps assembly, no tools required. No small parts. Shipped assembled.

Available colors: white, red, blue or yellow.

Dimension: 15'' W x 10'' H x 8'' 

Cat. #: MANI015 

Keywords: Shelf , Shelves , Bookshelves , etajè , étagère , Classroom Library  , Portable Library

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