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CDs Special (5 CDs)

CDs Special (5 CDs)

  • Author : Educa Vision Inc.
  • Cat. Number : SP004
  • Price : $50.00
  • Quantity :

Language : ENGLISH

Choose any 5 CDs from the following list: CD405 Health, nutrition and growth CD4051 Pregnancy and lactation CD406 Health and sickness CD407 Fever CD409 Diarrhea and vomiting CD4053 Lead poisoning CD412 Eye and ear infection CD411 accine: what, when and why CD404 Diabetes CD408 Dehydration, diarrhea and vomiting CD414 Head injury, ringworm and head lice CD4052 Lime diseases CD722 High blood pressure CD1000 Aids CD718 Haitian folktales CD723 Dlo se lavi;