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Fieldwork Identities in the Caribbean

Fieldwork Identities in the Caribbean

  • Author : Erin B. Taylor
  • ISBN : 9781584326007
  • Cat. Number : CSP6007
  • Price : $27.50
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Language : ENGLISH

“This book emerged from a simple question posed to me by a graduate student in anthropology. She asked me, 'But what exactly is it that you do all day in the field?'"

"Despite a plethora of methodology books addressing this very question, the minutiae of everyday life in the field remain a mystery to students…. This book does not pretend to provide a recipe for fieldwork; rather it provides examples of how researchers negotiate complex social relations with the participants of their studies. …[and] gives students insights into the kinds of issues they may encounter in the field, provides established scholars with a point of comparison with their own experiences, and compels anthropology to move further away from the division between the west and the rest.”( from the Preface )

The authors of Fieldwork Identities are all early career researchers who have conducted fieldwork in Caribbean nations, including the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Trinidad, and Belize.

281 pp., softcover, 6 x 9 inches. 

Cat. #: CSP6007
ISBN #: 9781584326007