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Language : ENGLISH


Secrets of their ANCIENT WORLD

Author: Justin Jennings,
             Maya Cuevas Garcia
             Roberto Lopez Bravo

By the time the Spanish Conquest of Mesoamerica began in 1517 CE, the great cities of the Classic Maya civilization had been abandoned for more than five hundred years. The treeclad temples and toppled sculptures in these ruins were largely local curiosities until the midnineteenth century, when the bestselling accounts of John Lloyd Stephen's and Frederick Catherwood's travels ignited widespread interest in the ancient Maya world. Like earlier visitors to these sites, Stephens and Catherwood were overwhelmed by the grandeur of Maya art and architecture. Who built these sites, they asked, what was their culture like, and why did they leave? Each year, archaeologists, epigraphers, and ethnologists come closer to answering these and other questions. Yet, many secrets from this ancient world remain to be uncovered.

Number of Pages: 72
Size                     : 8.5 x 5 inches

Binding type        : Paperback

ISBN Number:9780660201887