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Digital Library 6 - 12

Digital Library 6 - 12

  • Author : Educa Vision Inc.
  • Cat. Number : Server002
  • Price : $2500.00
  • Quantity :


A wide collection of interactive books, readalong audio, posters etc. in digital format. A comprehensive package with fiction, nonfiction, essays, reference materials, encyclopedia and dictionaries organized thematically. The themes include Reading, Mathematics, Science, Health, Encyclopedia, sounds, social studies, Maps etc.

It contains materials from Educa Vision that are aligned with the Ministry of Education (MENFP) as well as reading materials for leisure for information and how to.

The contents are mostly in Haitian Creole, some in French, some in English and many are bilingual.

An additional bonus is the collection of Wikipedia, Khan Academy in French some science simulations in English.

The contents can be accessed by any wifi enabled device such as tablets, telephone, laptops, desktop etc. The server can also be wired with Ethernet cable and switcher.

There is a digital library for Kindergarten to 12th grade. 

Click here to see the content description for K12 Digital Library.

Cat. #: Server002